12/12 Architects & Planners began…

…with one small project in 2003. Since then, our client base has grown, along with the size and scope of our work. Everything from front porches to brand new homes to restaurants, offices and church renovations. Working in our own back yard to all over the area – we’re growing, and happily so.

We’re also still regular people, living in a regular house in a regular neighborhood. Family and community are important. When you say that you desperately need more storage for the kids’ toys, we understand. When you say that you can’t stand your dining room for one more holiday get together, we know what you mean. When you say you fear you’re losing clients and employees because your office space is just too small, we relate. We live and work, too – we know how you feel.

One of our favorite things to hear is “That’s great – we never would have thought of that.” It’s our goal to work with all of our clients to achieve the best possible places to live and work – often times creating a solution you never would have thought of.

Those solutions don’t just arrive on their own, however. Listening is key. It’s your home, your office, your business that we’re designing for – you have to live there, not us. Without your input, we’re nowhere. Our one-on-one personalized design approach caters toward providing you the best possible finished product.

Big design ideas are great, but so are the little ones. When remodeling your bathroom, it’s important to think about where you’re going to hang the towel bar. Or in your new lobby space, where you’ll display your magazines for waiting patients. These things are vital to the design of the space, but are about more than just walls and floors. They’re about the people who use the space.

Without people, architecture is merely empty buildings.
It’s how we experience architecture that matters.